Article I: Department Established

38-1-1 DEPARTMENT ESTABLISHED. There shall be an executive department of the Village known as the Water Department. It shall include the Superintendent and the Water Committee appointed by the Mayor, and its employees. The designated office shall be the Village Hall.

38-1-2 COMMITTEE. The Village Board standing committee on Water shall exercise a general supervision over the affairs of the Water Department. It shall ascertain the condition and needs thereof; shall, from time to time, report the same to the Mayor and Village Board so that a full understanding thereof shall be had; and generally, shall do all acts necessary to promote the efficiency of the department.

38-1-3 SUPERINTENDENT. The Superintendent shall be subject to the supervision of the committee on Water. He shall be appointed by the Mayor, by and with the consent of the Village Board and shall hold his office until his successor shall be appointed and qualified. He shall receive such salary as may be provided by the Board at the time of his appointment.

38-1-4 DUTIES OF SUPERINTENDENT. The general duties of the Superintendent shall be to:
(A) Take charge of the water system and all connections and appurtenances thereto and secure all labor, materials, tools and implements necessary for the proper maintenance and operation of said system, subject to the approval of the Committee on Water. In emergency cases, he may order such supplies, materials or implements as may be necessary for the proper operation of the system.
(B) Control and supervise the employees of the Water Department, see that they faithfully perform the duties assigned to them, and report to the Board of Trustees any dereliction of duty on the part of such employees.
(C) Superintend the making of connections with the water system.
(D) Prevent injury to the water system and waste of water, institute legal proceedings for the punishment of those violating the provisions of this Code, and enforce all rules prescribed for the operation and regulation of the Water Department.
(E) Read water meters.
(F) Make all repairs occasioned by leaks or breaks in the mains of the system, and shut off water from all premises on which leaks are permitted to go unrepaired.
(G) Examine and approve all bills and accounts against the Village arising out of the operation of the Water Department.