Article II: General Regulations

33-2-1 UNDERMINING. No person shall undermine in any manner any street or any other ground or real estate situated in the Village or belonging to any private person. (See Article IV)

33-2-2 OPEN DOORS. No person shall open or allow to remain open, any door or the grating of any vault belonging to the premises occupied by him, on any street, alley or sidewalk in the Village for any purpose, except the taking in and removing goods; and any person allowing such grating to remain open shall warn passersby of the danger.

33-2-3 VAULTS. No person shall dig or cause to be dug in any street or sidewalk, any vault without covering the opening thereof in such a manner as to prevent persons, animals and vehicles from falling into the excavation. Such vault shall be in conformance with other Code provisions. (See Article IV)

33-2-4 STAIRWAY – RAILING. Steps or stairways leading into any building shall not extend from the wall of such building onto any pavement or sidewalk, and in such case, the person making or causing to be made such passage shall erect a railing on the side of the stairs toward the street to prevent persons from falling into the street.

33-2-5 CLOSING STREET. Whenever public safety or the improvement or repair of any street, alley or public place requires it, the Mayor may order any street, alley or public place temporarily closed to traffic and the placing of signs indicating that the street, alley or public place is closed by order of the Mayor. Whenever such signs are so placed, no person shall ride or drive upon or cross such street, alley or public place, or in any manner, destroy, deface or remove any such sign.

33-2-6 SIGNS ACROSS STREET. No person shall place any sign, advertisement or banner over or across any street or alley in the Village unless he has written approval of the Village Board. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24; S 11-80-17)

33-2-7 VEHICLES ON SIDEWALKS. No person shall operate any bicycle or vehicle over any sidewalk, except in crossing the same to go into a yard or parking lot. No parking of vehicles on sidewalk.

33-2-8 DEPOSITS ON SIDEWALKS. It shall be unlawful to deposit on any public sidewalk, any material which may be harmful to the pavement thereof, or any waste material, or any glass or other articles which might cause injury to persons, animals or property.
Merchandise or other articles may be deposited on sidewalks preparatory to delivery, provided that the usable width is not thereby reduced to less than 4 feet; and provided that no such article shall remain on such walk for more than one-half hour.
(A) It shall be unlawful to deposit on any street any material which may be harmful to the pavement thereof, or any waste material, or any grass clippings, or to cause a lawn mower to blow grass clippings onto a street or any other articles such as glass which may cause injury to any person, animal or property.
(B) No person shall place or cause to be placed or erected on any public ground, or in any public street, alley or sidewalk in the Village, any debris, materials, or obstruction except as may be permitted by this Code.
(C) It shall be the duty of the Police Department to exercise a vigilant supervision over such places and to notify any person found making such deposit or responsible for same to remove the offending matter at once.

33-2-10 BUILDING MATERIALS IN STREET. The street Superintendent may move any obstruction on any street or sidewalk of the Village, but before doing so, he shall notify the person responsible therefore to remove such obstruction within a reasonable time after being notified. Any person engaged in erecting a building or fence or improving any lot on such street may deposit materials thereon and contiguous to such length of time as may be necessary for the work. The obstruction shall not extend to more than one-half of the width of the sidewalk, street, or alley adjacent to such improvement and the gutter shall always be left free and unobstructed. Such person shall, at night, keep an illuminated warning light on such materials (See Article IV)

33-2-11 MERECHANDISE ON PUBLIC STREET. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to use any street, sidewalk, or other public places as space for the display of goods or merchandise for sale; or to write or make any signs or advertisements on any such pavements, unless permission is granted by the Village Board.

33-2-12 ENCROACHMENTS. It shall be unlawful to erect or maintain any building or structure which encroaches upon any public street or property.

33-2-13 POSTING BILLS. It shall be unlawful for any person to paste, paint, print or nail any handbill, sign, poster, advertisement, political campaign literature, or notice of any kind on any curbstone, flagstone, or any other portion or part of any sidewalk, or upon any tree, lamppost, utility pole, hydrant, or upon any private wall, door or gate without the consent, in writing, of the owner of such curbstone, flagstone, sidewalk, tree, lamppost, utility pole, hydrant, private wall, door or gate.

33-2-14 SIGNS ON POLES. No person shall nail, tack, paste, paint, or fasten or cause to be nailed, tacked, painted or fastened, any sign or any other foreign substance or material onto any telephone, telegraph, electric light, police, and/or fire alarm pole or post, or any street or traffic sign located on any sidewalk, street, alley or public grounds or injure or deface any such pole or post.

33-2-15 INJURY TO NEW PAVEMENTS. It shall be unlawful to walk upon or drive any vehicle or animal upon or destroy any newly-laid sidewalk pavement while the same is guarded by a warning sign or barricade, or to knowingly injure any soft, newly-laid pavement.

33-2-16 BARBED WIRE FENCES. It shall be unlawful to maintain or construct any fence composed in whole or in part of barbed wire, or with any similar material designed to cause injury to persons, or any wire charged with electric current, anywhere within 50 feet of any public street, sidewalk, alley, park or other public way or place, unless such barbs or charged wire are at least 6 feet above the level of such public place.

33-2-17 BURNING ON PUBLIC STREETS. It shall be unlawful for any person to burn any leaves, paper, rubbish or other substances upon any of the public streets, sidewalks or alleys of the Village.