Article II: Immobilized Mobile Homes

23-2-1 IMMOBILIZED MOBILE HOMES.  All immobilized mobile homes located in the Village shall be classed as real estate; therefore, it is mandatory for all persons owning, operating, renting or leasing an existing mobile home outside a mobile home park to remove or cause to have removed the wheels or any other transportation device from the mobile home.  The owner or lessor shall permanently fix it to the ground in a manner that conforms to the definition of an “immobilized mobile home” in Article I of this Code.  All existing mobile homes, when replaced, shall comply with the immbolization provisions of this Code.

23-2-2 PERMIT. All persons seeking to locate or replace a mobile home or an immobilized mobile home outside a mobile home park shall obtain a permit from the Village Board.  No utility services  shall be connected to the unit until the Village Board has issued the permit.  All units located outside a mobile home park shall be on a lot owned by the person seeking the permit.

23-2-3 LOT SIZE AND DISTANCE. The minimum lot size for the location of a mobile home or an immobilized mobile home shall be 7,000 square feet.  All units shall be at least 15 feet from any lot line, 25 feet from any building on any adjacent lot or 25 feet from any building on any adjacent lot or 25 feet from any street.  Only one unit shall be permitted per platted lot.

23-2-4 DEPENDENT MOBILE HOMES.  No dependent mobile home shall be permitted in the Village unless located in a licensed travel-trailer park.  At no time shall anyone use a dependent mobile home as a permanent residence or dwelling.

23-2-5 CONCRETE PADS.  All immobilized mobile homes shall be placed on either a reinforced concrete pad at least 14 feet wide by 60 feet in length, 2 reinforced concrete runners 4 feet wide and 60 feet in length, or on concrete piers approved by the Village Board.  The concrete pads shall consist of 4 inches or reinforced concrete of 6 inches of concrete.  A concrete footing is optional.  All piers and footings for immobilized mobile homes shall comply with the definition of the same.  Expandable units shall be provided with approved piers or their equivalent at each corner of the units.

23-2-6 OFF-STREET PARKING. Each owner of an immobilized mobile home shall provide for a dustless, off-street parking area of 400 square feet.