Article III: Ambulance

30-4-1 AMBULANCE SERVICE ESTABLISHED. There is hereby created an Emergency Ambulance Service for the Village.

30-4-2 PERSONNEL. The personnel for the ambulance service shall be appointed by the Village Board of Trustees.

30-4-3 COORDINATOR. An Ambulance Service Coordinator shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Village Board of Trustees for the term of 2 years.

30-4-4 DUTY OF SQUAD. The duty of the Emergency Ambulance Squad is to provide emergency ambulance service for the Village and surrounding area. Their services are to be limited to strictly emergency cases.

30-4-5 SUPERVISION. The Emergency Ambulance Service will be under the supervision and authority of the Mayor. The Mayor has the authority to delegate his responsibility to a committee of three to be appointed by him, and confirmed by the Village Board of Trustees. The Mayor or the committee, as the case may be, is to have complete authority to make rules and regulations governing the operations of the Emergency Ambulance Service, to provide for the squad necessary equipment, supplies and to make other expenditures necessary for the successful operation of the ambulance service, at the expense of the Village.

30-4-6 CHARGE FOR SERVICES. Reasonable fees and charges shall be established and collected by the ambulance service as approved by the Village Board.