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Article III: Mobile Home Parks


23-3-1 COMPLIANCE WITH STATUTES, APPLICABILITY OF ARTICLE. Every mobile home park hereafter established in the Village shall, at a minimum, conform to the requirements of:
(A) “An Act to provide for, license, and regulate mobile homes and mobile home parks.”(Illinois Rev. Stat., Ch. 111 ½, S 711 et seq.)
(B) “Rules and Regulations for Mobile Home Parks,” Illinois Department of Public Health, Consumer Protection Division as now or hereafter amended, and
(C) This Code.
In case of conflict between any provisions of the above, the more stringent requirement shall prevail. Mobile Home Parks may be allowed by special-use permit in the Village, but are otherwise strictly prohibited.

23-3-2 PLANNING. Any person seeking to establish, operate, alter or expand a mobile home park shall obtain a permit to construct or license to operate a mobile home park. “Construct or operate a mobile home park,” as used in this Chapter shall include, but not necessarily be limited to supplying or maintaining common water, sewer or other utility supply or service, or the collection of rents directly or indirectly form two or more independent mobile homes. (All plans shall be submitted to the Village Board for approval prior to the granting of a permit.)

23-3-3 LOCAL GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENTS. A permit does not relieve the applicant from complying with this Code or other ordinance applicable thereto.

23-3-4 PERMITS. The Village Board shall review each application and plan documents submitted. When the application and plan documents are found to be in compliance with the “Rules and Regulations for Mobile Home Parks,” as promulgated by the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Village Board may issue the proper permit to construct or alter a mobile home park to the applicant. Permits shall be valid for one year from date of issue.

23-3-5 INSPECTION OF MOBILE HOME PARK. Upon completion of the proposed construction of a mobile home park or the proposed alteration of a mobile home park, the applicant shall notify the Mayor in order that an inspection of the complete facilities can be made.

23-3-6 VIOLATION PROCEEDINGS. Any license granted hereunder shall be subject to revocation or suspension by the Mayor. However, the mayor shall first serve or cause to be served upon the licensee a written notice in which shall be specified the way or ways in which such licensee has failed to comply with the statutes, or any rules or regulations promulgated by the Village pertaining thereto. The notice shall require the licensee to remove or abate such nuisance, unsanitary or objectionable condition, specified in such notice within 5 days or within a longer period of time as may be allowed by the Mayor. If the licensee fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the notice within the time specified or such extended period of time, the Mayor may revoke or suspend such license.

23-3-7 FEES. Each mobile home that locates on a lot in a mobile home park shall secure an appropriate Building Permit from the Village. All future locations on the same lot shall be exempt from the fee.

23-3-8 to 23-3-9 RESERVED.


23-3-10 PLAN DOCUMENT. In order to obtain a permit to construct or an original license to operate a mobile home park, the applicant shall file with the Mayor a written application and plan documents and such plan documents shall be prepared by a registered engineer or architect licensed to practice in the State of Illinois, with registration seal affixed. Two copies of the plan document shall accompany the application files with the Village to obtain a permit to construct or alter a mobile home park or an original license to operate a mobile home park, not previously licensed by the Department. These plans shall include, but not be limited to the design and construction criteria set forth herein.

(A) Every applicant shall file with the Mayor a written application and plan documents for the proposed construction or alteration of a mobile home park. The plan documents shall be prepared by a registered engineer or architect licensed to practice in the State of Illinois, with registration seal affixed to the plan.
(B) The application shall be completed by the applicant and the engineer or architect and shall include:
a. The full name and address of the applicant or applicants, or names and addresses of the partners if the applicant is a partnership, or the names and addresses of the officers if the applicant is a corporation, and the present or last occupation of the applicant at the time of the filing of the application. If the applicant is a corporation, a copy of the certificate of incorporation must be filed with the application.
b. The proposed method of lighting and structures and land upon which the mobile home park is to be located.
c. The plat plans of the mobile home park, building plans and specifications for existing buildings and facilities, and the plans and specifications for new buildings and facilities or the proposed alterations in existing facilities.
d. An affidavit of the applicant as to the truth of the matters contained in the application shall be attached.
e. Each application shall be accompanied by an application fee of $50.00 for a permit to construct or an application fee of $25.00 for a permit to alter or increase the size of the park.

23-3-12 LOCATION.
(A) Sites selected for mobile home development shall be well-drained and free from topographical or geological hindrances and form other conditions unfavorable to a proper residential environment. The mobile home development shall not be located near swamps, marshes, or other breeding places of insects, rats and mice. When a good, natural drainage is not available, storm drainage shall be provided and such drainage shall not endanger any water supply or surface watercourse.
(B) The Mayor may conduct a side survey to ascertain that the proposed location complied with the above requirements.

(A) All streets and driveways in every park shall be constructed in compliance with the Subdivision Code.
(B) All streets in parks constructed shall have minimum road width of 30 feet for the purpose of this Code, and shall be considered local streets. If a mobile home park has more than 50 Units, then a 32 foot width may be required by the Village Board.
(C) When sidewalk and walkways are constructed abutting a street in a mobile home park, there shall be a minimum of 4 feet in width; provided, however, there shall be no minimum width requirement for sidewalks for each individual lot. No portion of a mobile home shall block, in any way, the pedestrian traffic on the walkways.

23-3-14 to 23-3-15 RESERVED.


23-3-16 LOT SIZE. The minimum lot size for a mobile home pad shall be 6,000 square feet.

(A) No mobile home parked in a mobile home park shall be immobilized.
(B) Not more than one mobile home shall be parked in one space.
(C) No travel-trailer shall be permitted in any mobile home park.

23-3-18 to 23-3-19 RESERVED.


23-3-20 LICENSE FEE. The annual license fee per mobile home park shall be $10.00, and shall be due and payable on or before May 1st of each year.
The funds shall be placed in the General Fund and applied to the administrative cost of the inspections.



Office of the Mayor Application No. ________
Village Hall Date: ________________

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Date: _________________ Perm, Parcel _____ _____ _____ _____ ____

( ) Permit Issued Fee Paid to Village Clerk:
( ) Permit Denied $ __________ Date: ______________
( ) Application Appealed
If denied, cause of denial:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANT: All information required by the application must be completed and submitted herewith. Applicants are encouraged to visit the Village Hall for any assistance needed in completing this form.

1. Name of Owner(s): _____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________ Phone: ___________________

2. Applicant’s name: _____________________________ Phone: ___________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

3. Property interest of applicant: _____________________________________________
(Contract purchaser, etc.)

4. Address of proposed construction or mobile home: ____________________________


5. Legal Description: _____________________________________________________

(Lot, block, and subdivision: attach metes and bounds description, if necessary.)

Cost of Improvement $ _______________ Square feet of Improvement ______________

6. Proposed construction (check one or more, as necessary):

( ) New Building Type: __________________ Brick/Frame No. Rooms __________

( ) Alterations or additions to existing buildings (explain): _______________________


7. Use of existing and proposed structures (if applicable):

Existing Use: ___________________________________________________________

Proposed Use: __________________________________________________________

8. Two copies of sketch plat (drawn to approximate scale) shall be attached, showing the following:
(a) Dimensions and use of all buildings;
(b) Dimensions of lot;
(c) Distance of each building from lot lines;
(d) Distance of principal building from principal buildings on adjacent lot(s).
(e) Distance between accessory buildings and principal buildings
(f) Distance from lot line to center line of abutting street(s);
(g) Location (with dimensions) of driveways and off-street parking spaces;
(h) Location of all easements;
(i) Location of all underground utilities, including septic tanks, tile fields, and wells.

9. Application is hereby made for an Occupancy Permit as required under the Village Code for the erection, moving or alteration and use of buildings and mobile homes. In making this application, the applicant represents all of the above statements and any attached maps and drawings to be a true description of the proposed new or altered uses and /or buildings. The applicant agrees that the permit applied for, if granted, is issued o the representations made herein and that any permit issued may be revoked without notice on any breach of representation or conditions.

It is understood that any permit issued on this application will not grant right of privilege to erect any structure or to use any premises described for any purpose or in any manner prohibited by the Village Code, or by other ordinances, codes, or regulations of the Village.

Applicant: ______________________________________

Date: _____________________


The plans and specifications submitted with this Application are in conformity with the district requirements applicable to the subject property. Changes in plans or specifications shall not be made without written approval of the Village Board.

Failure to comply with the above shall constitute a violation of the provisions of the Revised Code of Ordinances of the Village.

Date: ______________________ ____________________________________
Building Official

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