Article III: Water System


38-3-1 APPLICATION FOR TAPS AND SERVICE CONNECTIONS TO WATERWORKS SYSTEM. An applicant desiring a water tap or service connection with the Waterworks System of the Village shall file a written application at the Village Hall, signed by the owner of the property for which the tap or service connection is desired, or by the duly authorized agent of such owner. The application shall be accompanied by payment of the fee hereinafter prescribed to cover the cost of such service connection. In the event the application is made by an agent for the owner, then the application shall also be accompanied by the written authority of the owner to the agent for the making of the application.

38-3-2 ALL SERVICE TO BE BY METER. All water service, whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use shall be metered. All meters shall be so placed and installed as to render the same accessible at all times for the purpose of reading or repairing and so as to be free from danger of freezing. Meters outside of a building shall be set in a suitable meter box approved by the Water Committee of the Village. Water will not be turned on for new connections until the meter has been installed and all other requirements of this chapter on the part of the property owner have been fully complied with.

(A) Access to Premises. The Village shall have access to all portions of the premises of the consumer at any reasonable time for inspection of the use of water, and the consumer’s pipes, fixtures, plumbing, and any other apparatus, in any manner connected to the water system of the Village. The Village shall have the right and option to demand change or stopping of use or to require any repair, change, removal or improvement of any pipe, fixture, plumbing or other apparatus that would, in any manner, affect the water supply or system of the Village or the supply of fixtures of other consumers.
(B) Meters to be Open to Inspection. All water meters and water fixtures, connections and appurtenances on private property connected with the Waterworks System of the Village shall be open to the inspection by the proper officers and employees of the Village, at all reasonable hours.

38-3-4 METER DAMAGE. Whenever a meter is found to have been damaged by hot water being forced back into it from the consumer’s hot water or heating apparatus, or for any other cause within control of the consumer, the consumer shall pay the Village for the actual cost of the removal, repairing and replacing of the damaged meter and all previous water bills shall be corrected on an estimated basis to cover such period as it appears that the meter was out of order for such damage.

38-3-5 RESALE. No water shall be resold or distributed by the recipient or consumer thereof from the Village supply to any premises other than that for which application has been made and the meter installed, except in case of emergency.

38-3-6 CROSS CONNECTIONS. No consumer shall connect in any manner, any water pump or other apparatus taking water from any other water supply source, or any foreign liquid or material, to any main or pipe supplying water by the Village, even though such connection may be protected by check valves or closed gate valves, because of the danger of polluted water or liquids being forced back into the mains and pipes of the Village. Any consumer having or making any such cross connection shall immediately remove same upon demand and pay the Village all costs incurred because of same. The existence of any cross connection, closed or open, shall be deemed sufficient to hold the consumer solely responsible and liable for any and all expense, claims, or suits, for damages either direct or resultant, or could have in any possible manner have been caused by such cross connection.

38-3-7 DANGEROUS USAGE. The Village shall have the right to refuse water service or to discontinue water service without notice at any time to any consumer if the Village finds any apparatus or appliance, the operation of which will be detrimental to the water system of the Village, or to any or all of its consumers. Standpipes, hydrants, gate valves and any other apparatus that cause water hammer or any danger to the water system or other customers’ plumbing shall be immediately repaired or removed upon notice from the Village, or at its option, the Village may immediately discontinue the service, without notice and without any liability for direct or resulting damages therefrom.

38-3-8 ELECTRIC GROUND WIRES. All persons are strictly forbidden to attach any electric ground wire to any plumbing or water piping which is or may be connected to any water service pipe, water meter, or water main belonging to the Village. The Village will hold the owner of the premises responsible and liable for any damage to the property or injury to the employees of the Village caused by such ground wire. All owners and consumers shall remove any existing ground wires immediately upon written notice from the Village. If not so disconnected after 5 days’ written notice, the Village, through its officials, may enter the property and remove such ground wires and the consumer shall pay all costs.

38-3-9 SHORTAGE AND PURITY OF SUPPLY. The Village shall not be held responsible for or in any manner liable to any person, company, consumer, or public body for any claim or damage, either direct or resultant because any shortage of water supply, any shut off of water supply for any reason, any bursting or leakage of either the consumer’s or Village’s mains, pipes and fixtures, any pollution or impurity in water supply, or any fire or water damage.

38-3-10 LAWN WATERING. The right is reserved to suspend the use of lawn fountains and hoses for sprinkling lawns and gardens whenever, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, public exigencies require it.

38-3-11 NON-COMPLIANCE WITH RULES. If any consumer fails to comply fully with any of the rules and regulations in force, the Village shall notify the consumer of such failure. If the consumer does not remedy same, as the rules provide, and within a reasonable time, the Village shall have the right to discontinue service. Except in cases of non-payment, emergency, necessity or as otherwise provided, the Village will not discontinue service for violation of any rules until 5 days after notice has been given and violation has not been remedied.

38-3-12 FIRE HYDRANTS. All hydrants shall he owned, maintained, and used only by the Village. Use of water from fire hydrants by contractors and others shall be only upon permission by the Village after approved application to the Village.
The Village shall not be held liable and will not assume any responsibility for the condition of any fire hydrant inside or outside the Village limits, or the pressure or amount of water obtainable therefrom, or any damages, either direct or resultant because of the condition, pressure, or amount of water available from any fire hydrant.
All public fire hydrants outside of any Village limits owned by the Village will be maintained in as good order as reasonably possible, but the Village will not undertake or assume any responsibility or liability for their condition, use or abuse. Such public fire hydrants shall be used only for the purpose of extinguishing fire, except when the Village may issue a special permit for their use to contractors who shall then be responsible for the hydrants and the use of water from them.

38-3-13 RULES TO BECOME PART OF CONTRACT. All of the rules and regulations concerning the use of the facilities of the water plant and the consumption of water shall be adopted and the same shall become a part of the contract with every water consumer and every water consumer shall be considered to take water from the Village, subject thereto and bound thereby.

38-3-14 NO FREE SERVICE. No free service shall be furnished to any person or corporation, public or private, and all rates and charges shall be non-discriminatory, provided that the Mayor and Village Board reserve the right to impose special rates and charges in cases where particular circumstances render the regular rates inadequate or unjust.

38-3-15 – 38-3-16 RESERVED.


38-3-17 BUILDING UNIT DEFINED. All persons or families residing in a building under one roof, be it an apartment or homes converted into more than one dwelling place, each family or individual resident residing therein shall be deemed an individual customer and such homes or apartments or dwellings shall be billed for at least one minimum water account, according to the number of families or individual residents residing therein.

38-3-18 CHARGE FOR DISCONTINUING SERVICE. If water is temporarily shut off at the request of the user, a charge of $5.00 shall be made for such service.

38-3-19 COST OF TAP AND WATER SERVICE CONNECTIONS. The Village will furnish all materials necessary to construct a ¾ inch tap-in connection fro the water main to the applicant’s property line. For all regular ¾-inch taps and service connections, the applicant shall pay $150.00 tap-in fee, plus the cost of all labor and materials.
All tap-ins for ¾-inch service connections outside the corporate limits shall be $150.00, plus the cost of all labor and materials.
All water tap and service connections made to the mains of the Waterworks System of the Village shall conform to the regulations of this Code and of the Illinois Plumbing Code. All connections and installations shall be made by a licensed plumber.

38-3-20 WATER RATES. The following rates for the use and service supplied by the Waterworks System shall be based upon the amount of water consumed per month as follows:

Water Service Inside Village
First 40,000 gallons per 1,000 gallons
per month: $ 5.50
Minimum of: $11.00
Over 40,000 gallons per 1,000 gallons
per month: $ 6.00