Article V: Street Improvements

(A) Grade. No sidewalk shall be built above or below the established grade of the Village and in all cases where no grade is established, any person building a sidewalk shall build the same according to the instructions of the Street Superintendent and the Village Board.
(B) Permit. It shall be unlawful for any person to build, lay or construct any sidewalk along any property in the Village or along any of the streets, alleys or public highways thereon, without first obtaining permission from the Street Superintendent to do so.
(C) Cost to Owner for Sidewalks on Village property. If landowner wants new sidewalks, landowner will pay or furnish all labor. If the funds are available and the Village Board approves the request, the Village shall pay for concrete and supplies. All sidewalks put in will be done to our specifications of the Village.
(D) Subdivisions. This is not applicable to new subdivisions. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24; S 11-80-13)

(A) Description of Storm Water Sewers. Storm water sewers shall be any pipe or sewer used for the carrying of surface drains, ground waters, roof leaders, or storm waters, rain waters, or other waters other than sanitary sewage.
(B) Supervision. The Superintendent of Utilities shall supervise all connections made to the public storm sewer system or excavations for the purpose of installing or repairing the same.
(C) Permits. Before any connection is made to the public storm water sewers, a permit shall be applied for and approved by the Superintendent or his designated representative.
(D) Requirements; Use of Storm Water Sewers. Where a storm water sewer is accessible in a street, alley or easement to a building or premises abutting thereon, the surface drains, ground waters, roof leaders, or storm waters shall be discharged into the storm water sewer unless otherwise authorized by the Village. Under no conditions shall sanitary sewage or wastes or any substance other than surface waters, ground waters, roof waters or storm waters be permitted to flow into or be connected to the storm water sewer, if any; and no sanitary sewer, if any, shall be connected to the storm water sewer system.