Article VII: Driveways

33-7-1 PERMITS REQUIRED. No person shall construct a driveway for vehicles or animals across any sidewalk in the Village without having first obtained a permit therefore. Applications for such permits shall be made to the Village Clerk and shall be accompanied by the fee required. No permit for construction of a driveway for commercial use, or for the habitual use of other than the owner or occupant of the premises served shall be issued, except upon the order of the Village Clerk.

33-7-2 GRADE SURFACE. No driveway shall be so constructed or graded as to leave a step, sharp depression, or other obstruction in the sidewalk. The grade shall be as nearly as possible the same as that of the adjoining sidewalk. It shall be unlawful to have the surface finish of any driveway where the same crosses the sidewalk constructed of such materials as to render it slippery and hazardous to pedestrians, or to have the grade of such portion vary from the grade of the sidewalk or be other than level.

33-7-3 SPECIFICATIONS. Driveways across sidewalks shall be constructed in compliance with the specifications required by the Street Superintendent.

33-7-4 BREAKING CURB; BOND REQUIRED. Before a permit can be issued to break a curb in the Village for the installation of a driveway or any other purpose, a bond or cash in the amount of $100.00 is required to be posted wit the Village Clerk.

33-7-5 REPAIR. It shall be the duty of the person maintaining the driveway to keep the same in good repair where it crosses the sidewalk and free from obstruction and openings.