Division III: Ordinances

(A)    Attorney.  It shall be the duty of the Village Attorney to prepare such ordinances as may be required by the Village Board.
(B)    Introduced.  When an ordinance is introduced, it shall be read one time and referred to the proper committee unless the Board shall otherwise specifically direct.  Upon a majority vote of two-thirds of all Trustees, this rule may be suspended and the ordinance may be read by title only.
(C)    Passage of Yeas and Nays – Record.  The yeas and nays shall be taken upon the passage of all ordinances, and on all propositions to create any liability against the Village, or for the expenditure or appropriation of its money, and all other cases at the request of any member and entered on the journal of its proceeding and the concurrence of a majority of all the members elected in the Village Board shall be necessary for the passage of any such ordinance or proposition; provided it shall require three-fourths of the Trustees to sell any village property.
(D)    Approval and Veto.  All ordinances passed by the Village Board shall, before they take effect, be deposited in the office of the Village Clerk, and if the Mayor approves thereof, he shall sign the same, and such as he shall not approve, he shall return the Village Board with his objections thereto in writing at the next regular meeting of the Village Board occurring no less that 5 days after the passage thereof.  Such veto may extend to any one or more items or appropriations contained in any ordinance making an appropriation, or to the entire ordinance; and in case the vote only extends to a part of such ordinance, the residue thereof shall take effect and be in force.  However, in case the Mayor shall fail to return any ordinance with his objections thereto by the time aforesaid, he shall be deemed to have approved such ordinance and the same shall take effect accordingly.
(E)    Reconsideration – Passing Over Veto.  Upon the return of any ordinance by the Mayor, the vote by which the same has passed shall be reconsidered by the Village Board, and if after such reconsideration, two-thirds of all the members elected to the Village Board shall agree by yeas and nays to pass the same, it shall go into effect, notwithstanding the Mayor may refuse to approve thereof.  The vote to pass the same over the Mayor’s veto shall be taken by yeas and nays and entered in the Journal of Minutes.