Division VI: Village Clerk

1-2-52 ELECTED. The Village Clerk shall be elected at the same election as the Mayor for a four-year term and shall serve until his successor is elected and has qualified.

1-2-53 BOARD MINUTES – RECORDS. The Village Clerk shall attend all meetings of the Village Board and shall keep in a suitable book to be styled, “The Journal of the Village Board,” a full and faithful record of its proceedings. The Village Clerk shall record and properly index in a book kept for that purpose, all ordinances passed by the Village Board and a the foot of the record of each ordinance so recorded, he shall make a memorandum of the date of the passage, when published, and a memorandum of the publication of such ordinance. He shall also record in proper books for the purpose, all official bonds and note upon each bond so recorded, when the same was entered of record and the book and pages where recorded. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24; S 3-10-7)

1-2-54 DELIVERY OF PAPERS TO OFFICERS. The Clerk shall deliver to the several committees of the Village Board and to the officers of this Village, all petitions, communications, reports and resolutions, orders, claims and other papers referred to those committees or officers by the Board on demand therefore. He shall also, without delay, deliver to the Mayor, all ordinances or resolutions, orders and claims in his charge which may require to be approved or otherwise acted upon by the Mayor. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24; S 3-10-8)

1-2-55 PREPARATION OF DOCUMENTS – COMMISSIONS AND LICENSES. The Clerk shall prepare all commissions, licenses, permits and other official documents required to be issued by him under this Code and shall attest the same with the corporate seal, and he shall, in like manner, attest all deeds for the sale of real estate owned and conveyed by this Village.

1-2-56 REPORT OF LICENSES. The Clerk shall report to the Village Board at its regular meeting each month and oftener if the Board so requires that date contained in his license register with respect to licenses issued during the previous month.

1-2-57 LICENSE PLATES. In all cases where the Village requires a license to be obtained for the purpose of engaging in or carrying on any business or occupation, and the licensee is required to obtain from the Clerk, plates, tags or stickers, it shall be the duty of the Clerk to deliver such plates, tags or stickers to the person paying the license fee.

1-2-58 ADMINISTRATION OF OATHS. The Clerk shall have the power to administer oaths or affirmations for all lawful purposes. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24; S 3-9-3).

1-2-59 OUTSTANDING BONDS. The Clerk shall keep in his office in a book or books kept expressly for that purpose, a correct list of all the outstanding bonds of the Village, showing the number and amount of each, for and to whom the bonds are issued; and when the Village bonds are issued or purchased or paid or cancelled, the book or books shall show the fact; and in his annual report, the Clerk shall describe particularly the bonds sold during the year and the terms of sale, with each and every item of expense thereof. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24; S 3-11-23)

1-2-60 REPORTS. The Clerk shall, on or before the regular meeting in each month, make out and submit to the Village Board a statement or report in writing of all the moneys received and warrants drawn by him during the preceding month, showing therein from or what sources and on what account moneys were received, and for what purposes and on what account the warrants were drawn or paid.

1-2-61 SUCCESSOR. The Village Clerk shall carefully preserve in his office, all books, records, papers, maps and effects of every detail and description belonging to the Village or pertaining to his office, and not in actual use and possession of other Village officers; and upon the expiration of his official term, he shall deliver all such books, records, papers and effects to his successor in office.

1-2-62 PAYMENTS. The Clerk shall prepare an itemized list of all moneys received and shall deposit all moneys to the local financial institution and deliver a copy of the same to the Village Treasurer.

1-2-63 WARRANT REGISTER. The Clerk shall keep an accurate register of warrants drawn upon the Treasury, specifying the date, to whom payable, the amount, and the particular fund or appropriation to which the same is chargeable. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24, S 8-1-8)

1-2-64 FINANCE. Under the direction of the Finance Committee, the Clerk shall keep an open and complete set of books in which, among other things, shall be set forth the appropriations of the fiscal year for which each distinct object and branch of expenditures, and also the receipts from each and every source of revenue so far as he can ascertain the same.

1-2-65 NOTIFICATION TO PERSON ELECTED OR APPOINTED. The Clerk, within five (5) days after the result of an election is declared or an appointment is made, shall notify all persons elected or appointed to office of their election or appointment. The office becomes vacant unless the person elected or appointed qualifies within ten (10) days after such notice. (Ill. Rev. Stat., Ch. 24; S 3-2-6)

1-2-66 OTHER DUTIES. In addition to the foregoing duties, the Clerk shall perform all such other duties pertaining to his office as are or may be imposed upon him by law or resolution or ordinance of the Village Board.

1-2-67 To 1-2-70 RESERVED.