WHEREAS, the Village of Kansas has adopted a Mobile Housing Code; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary to amend the Code to clarify impermissible living arrangements;

NOW THEREFORE, be it ordained by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Kansas, Edgar County, Illinois.

1. Section 23-1-1 Definition is hereby modified to include the following definition:

“CAMPER” means a mobile living unit designed to be mounted upon and conveyed by a vehicle or towed by a vehicle.
“TRAILER COACH” means any vehicle used or maintained for use as a conveyance upon highways or city streets so designed and so constructed as to permit occupancy hereof as a temporary sleeping place for one or more persons having no other foundation than wheels or jacks.

2. A new Article under Chapter 23 – Mobile Housing Code shall be created which provides:


i. No Camper or Trailer Coach located within the Village limits shall be occupied by any person as a residence or used for sleeping arrangements. Any such violation will result in penalty being imposed pursuant to the General Penalty Provisions (Section 1-1-20) of the Village of Kansas Ordinances.

ii. This section shall not apply to any camper or trailer coach being used as a residence on January 1, 2015 and continually since that date.

iii. TEMPORARY PERMIT: In the event a visitor to a residence in Kansas is using a trailer coach, also known as a recreational vehicle, they may apply for a permit from the Kansas Police Department to allow said trailer coach to be occupied as a residence during the visit. The initial permit shall be for a period no longer than thirty (30) days. This permit can be extended no more than two (2) times per residence during a calendar year.

The foregoing Ordinance shall become effective immediately upon passage of this Ordinance.